Hi friend. Are you ready to learn hand lettering? 


I'm Susy Grace. Believer. Overthinker. Creative Cheerleader + Professional Question Answerer. And I teach people how to hand letter online for free!

I've been hand lettering for years. I was totally that kid in school who erased their homework over and over until it looked perfect. Lettering is kind of my thing. 

But when I began to digitize my lettering, I went searching for tips & tutorials online but instead I found a void on the internet for arms-open vulnerability and free lettering education. That's what brought me here!

So I am here for you. And because I sort of am you, I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp on those unique lettering needs. In addition to my printable lettering worksheets & practice guides, I provide TONS of free eduction through Youtube tutorials, step-by-step blog posts, behind the scenes Instagram tips + a VIP private Facebook community, all to help you grow in your lettering skill! I'm so glad that you're here! Ready to join the #HTHLtribe?! 

Happy Lettering,