Large Brush Pens

Have you wanted to try out larger sized brush pens, but not sure which one to go with? I mean, there are so many options! Here I'm going to give you the low-down on all of my favorite brush pens. I'll share what I love (and sometimes don't love) about them, special tricks that they might have and lots of other tips that might help you decide which one you want to try next!

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(PS. If you haven't figured it out already, I have lots of pens! I will keep adding to these resource pages every month, so keep checking back!)

Ecoline Brush Pens

These are one of the juiciest markers I've tried! You can get a few very different looks with this pen if you change up your technique a bit (see photos below). You press very hard for super thick downstrokes, you can press more lightly for a more standard look, or you can add water to your lettering to a achieve a watercolor lettered look. These pens also have dual tips, so you can flip them over when one frays for a "like new" pen. Colors are also very vibrant! 
Cons: Pens fray quickly, which can cause splatters/streaks. 
Notable Mentions: The body of this pen is similar to the Crayola Broadtip marker in that it is quite large to hold (as opposed to the smaller bodies of most of the other large brush pens I'm sharing). 
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 1 
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Ecoline Brush Pens Handlettering
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Koi Coloring Brush Makers

Pros: The nib is stiffer than many brush pens of this size, making it a bit easier to control. There are so many color options and variety packs on Amazon!
Cons: The stiffer tips don't feel as flexible, so transitions from thin/thick can be more abrupt and less subtle. The final color on the paper can look duller/more matte than other brush pens. 
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 1
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How to Handletter Koi Brush Pens Handlettering

Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens: 

Pros: These pens stand up to lots of pressure and allow for really thick downstrokes. They have vibrant colors and create that coveted ombre look from the top of your letter to the bottom. The bullet tip allows for shadowing or monoline lettering without having to use any other tools. 
Cons: While they can take a lot of pressure as a whole, the delicate tip frays easily. They can also be difficult for beginners to control due to the super flexible, yet long tip. 
Notable Mentions: These are now available in some craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby and qualify for use of their coupons! 
Recommended Lettering Worksheets: Lettering Set 1 
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Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens How to Handletter

Zig Brushables

Pros: These are slightly smaller and more firm tip than some other brush pens in this size range, making it an easier pen to control for some. They are highly pigmented and give a very vibrant look, making even neutrals stand out. There is a brush tip on each end, making this a two-for-one! 
Cons: There are several variations of packaging, which can cause confusion about whether or not all brushables are created equal. 
Notable Mentions: These pens were popular during the crafting/stamping phase and can often be found in the stamping section of the craft store, not with the other brush pens. Packaging of the Brushables vs. the Brush & Scroll is similar, so be sure to make sure that you're purchasing the Brushables if you want the brush tip on each end. The Brush & Scroll only has 1 brush tip and the other side is a firm design tip. Read packaging carefully! 
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 1
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How to Handletter Zig Brushables Handlettering

Crayola Broadtips

Pros: Super affordable and last for a long time! The tips are stiffer and shorter, great for beginner handlettering and getting a hang of your thick and thin strokes. They also come in amazing pastels with a huge variety of options! 
Cons: Not available in all countries, you have to rotate them/readjust your grip frequently when lettering because the tip will stay bent otherwise. 
Notable Mentions: When you use these, you aren't going to draw your thicks with the side and your thins with the tip. You are actually using the same pressure technique that you use with other brush pens. If you hold them at a slight angle, your stroke will get thicker the harder you push. As mentioned, you may need to rotate the grip of your pen to keep it from bending while you letter. But for the price, it's worth the hack! 
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 1
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How to Handletter Crayola Handlettering

Crayola Supertips

Pros: They come in a huge range of colors at a super affordable price. I have the 100 pack that was only $15! The colors are beautiful pastels and some bold colors, too. They are also great for beginners due to their short and firm marker tip. 
Cons: They can bend and flatten easier than the Crayola Broadtips (the large ones), so you'll have to rotate these a bit more, but the result can be amazing! 
Notable Mentions: There is a slight size difference between the 100 pack from amazon and the smaller packs, but I haven't seen any noticeable differences in the way they write. The difference is mainly the body/length of the pen. 
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 1
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How to Handletter Crayola Supertips Handlettering

Kuretake Metallic Brush Markers

Pros: These pens have so much ink! They are super pigmented and have very rich colors! They look amazing on black paper, but work on white paper as well. They last a long time!
Cons: Like many brush pens, these have a tendency to fray pretty easily. Although, I will say that the fraying doesn't seem to affect the lettering outcome as much as some other brush pens. 
Notable Mentions: These tips are super flexible and I would say that they'd be a good start for a beginner who has had some practice but wants something in between the difficulty of tombows & crayolas. (I just wish they made this exact same brush pen in regular colors! It would be the perfect hybrid!! Maybe someday!)
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 1
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How to Handletter Kuretake Metallic Markers Handlettering
How to Handletter Kuretake Metallic Markers Handlettering

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen

Pros: These pens have amazing colors! They are affordable and can be found in stores (Michaels/Hobby Lobby). You can also buy them in singles in stores, which can be rare for calligraphy brush pens. The tips are small yet flexible, which allows for beautiful thicks & thins without having to control a really large flexible brush tip. They write really smoothly and the colors come out beautifully on paper! They have a dual tip, just like the ecolines! 
Cons: These are one pen that I've heard lots of love/hate for. By that I mean that people either LOVE them or HATE them. I'm not sure why, (I tend to fall on the "love them" side, btw.) but they are difficult for some. If you can find one in stores, I'd recommend just trying 1 to be sure you like it because it's definitely not for everyone. Also, I mentioned in a video that the Black B sized brush pen feels firm, less flexible, and just overall not as good as the multicolor packs. And SO many people agreed. I measured and while they should be the same size, there is a somewhat significant difference. So while I love these pens, purchase the black one at your own risk. (And if you tried the black and hated it, don't discount them, because the multicolors might be a better fit!)
Notable Mentions: These tips are dual tipped! If you fray one end, just pull on the tip and flip it around for a brand new pen! Many of the lighter colors in the multicolor packs are too light to see much for lettering, but they are great for shading and highlighting! 
Recommended Lettering Practice Sheets: Lettering Set 2
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How to Handletter Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Handlettering

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