New Tombow Pens & VIP Club Unboxing!

Hey Friends!

I recently purchased the new Tombow VIP Club Box and wanted to share it with you! I knew this box would sell out quickly because they were offering a brand new product… Fudenosuke Pens in COLORS! Here’s a little overview of what was in the box!

New Tombow Pens VIP Club Box How to Handletter
  1. Tombow Fudenosuke Pens (COLORS - 10 pack): These pens are the beloved hard-tipped fudenosuke pens and are great for a pen that does not fray easily! The tips are firm yet flexible, so you can get varying degrees of thickness while still maintaining control a little bit easier than with larger and more flexible brush pens. The colors are beautiful & bright! I can’t wait to play around with them some more!

  2. Linen Dot Grid Journal: I had a few issues with the pages in my Dot Grid Journal (see video below if you want a walk-through!), but overall this is a great little journal! The pages are somewhat smooth, but not as smooth as marker paper so I will likely save this for my less-delicate brush pens! The pages are a cool toned bright white (as opposed to a warm/yellow tinted page), which is definitely my preference for journals! I did have a little bit of bleed through with certain pens, but overall it held up really great. You can check out this video for a closer example!

  3. 3 Pack of Tombow MONO Drawing Pens: These were a new product to me and I loved them! They write very nicely and the body is a nice size (which doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal, but for me, it’s hard to have nice handwriting with certain shaped pens!).

New Tombow Pens VIP Club Box How to Handletter

Overall, I was super happy with this box! I love that the VIP Club box is always such a great deal. The first one that I purchased had a product that was $30 all by itself, so it was like getting 2 extras for free! Let me know if you were able to snag one & if you will be purchasing these new Tombow Fudenosuke Colors!

And make sure to check out my Simplified Lettering Beginner Bundle here for worksheets that have a small brush pen sized option - perfect for the new Tombow Fudenosuke Colors!