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Thanks for joining me here (on the blog!). If you're interested in keeping up with me more, make sure to sign up for my email list here. But back to the pen haul... Time stamps included so that you can skip around if needed! 

0:20 - Crayola Gel Markers // You might remember that I tried to buy a large pack of Crayola Markers so that I could try these out. Most of them didn't seem to work well, but I wanted to like them so bad so I tried a pack of JUST the gel markers, hoping there would be more bright ones!

Pros: The yellow, light blue & pink are great! Writing with Crayola markers is so fun! 
Cons: The other colors are dull considering the pack claims "bright colors on dark paper". The white was dried out in 2 of my packs! 

Good to know: I received a comment from someone (sorry, I can't remember who/where!) saying that they had the same issue and contacted Crayola, who sent them a new one and it was great! I haven't tried, but thought I'd pass along the info! 

1:21 - Unruled. Notebook // Unruled sent me this notebook as a gift (*not sponsored) to try out and I honestly love it! I'm not 100% if they're still selling them, but I have reached out to them to make sure & I'll update here when I find out! 

 Pros: So many! 
- The paper is super smooth. Not quite as smooth as marker paper, but I feel comfortable using my brush pens on it!
- The paper is perforated so you can rip your pages out easily.
- The pages feel thick & very high quality. I didn't notice any bleeding and I used a very heavy marker (Zig Art & Graphic Marker) as my first tester. 
Cons: It's no longer available on amazon (for all of you amazon prime lovers!), but I'm going to add an alert so I will try to update if it ever comes back in stock! 

1:54 - Zig Art & Graphic Twin // I tried to like this one since it looks so similar to the Tombow Dual Tip and you all know that I LOVE my Zig brushables. But... 

Pros: TBD. ;) (I'll have to do some more practice & let you know!)
Cons: Doesn't write smoothly and catches on the paper. It kind of reminds me of a copic marker. 

2:08 - Tombow Dual Brush Pen // (Pastels, Galaxy, Advanced Lettering Set) // I've reviewed Tombows a lot so I won't get too far into how the pen writes, etc. These are a multiple time repurchase, so that's a sure sign of a winner! 

Pastel Set: These are very Easter-esque. If you are a pastels fan, the colors are really beautiful! If not, maybe go for the Galaxy! 
Galaxy Set: I surprised myself with how much I loved this set! The colors are so bold! I love the green & purple. They are the perfect bright without being too bright. The downside? I still can't figure out how to create a galaxy! :) 
Advanced Lettering Set: This was definitely a test-to-show-you-all type of purchase. The colors were pretty, but it's a pretty expensive set if you don't have a coupon (I got mine at Hobby Lobby). I was expecting the lettering guide to be something to help you practice, but it was really just a piece of paper pointing out different types of lettering. The mono twin permanent marker is a fun pen, but it's very heavy and I found it to bleed a lot. It not only bled around the edges of my stroke on regular paper, but it bled through a few pages. It seems like a great drawing pen, I just wouldn't use it in my bullet journal for fear of bleeding through. I wasn't able to try the pencil and the eraser is great (but was not a new product to me). Overall, unless you specifically want the colors listed in this pack, I'd probably just go for the individual pieces to save money. 

4:25 - 3 Pack Dot Grid Notebooks // These are my new Bullet Journals! I love them. They remind me of my moleskine journals, yet are SO inexpensive. I also love that they have dots on the front because I have big hopes of decorating the fronts of these and the dot grids always help keep things even! The downside, they come shrink wrapped and there were slightly bent edges on each of mine. To me, it was worth the savings in money considering that these types of notebooks typically get beat up after the first couple of uses anyway. 

4:29 - Marvy Uchida LePen // I recently tried these because I love y Marvy Uchida Colorin Markers & the colors just can't be beat. Well, these did not disappoint!

Pros: I love the colors and they write so nicely. You know how some pens just make your handwriting better? And others make them difficult no matter how hard you try? Well, these ones just make it easy to write for me! I'm sure this varies based on people's preferences, but for me these were a big win! I am hoping to order the entire pack soon! 
Cons: They're pretty expensive. 

4:43 - Zebra Funwari Brush Pen // These pens remind me of a combination between the Pentel Touch Pen & the Tombow Fudenosuke. I love it! I can't wait to try more colors!

Pros: Great for beginners (IMO) because of the short nib that's easier to control. 
Cons: There are no pastels (that I can find!). Is it just impossible to make this style of pen in muted color tones?! Maybe so. 

4:55 - Sailor Brush Pen // This brush pen is so fine that it's hard to tell it's even a brush pen. I showed an example of an up vs. downstroke in the video, but you may not even notice because they hardly look different. I like writing with this marker, but I wouldn't say that I'd go out of my way to buy it again unless you are really looking for some small detailed brush lettering. 

5:07 - Zig Waterbrush // I love water brushes! This was a great set and may be great for painting, but for handlettering I would only really recommend the Small. The small worked really well and I got great results! As you can see in the video, the medium and the large are really similar to each other and write really largely. The wider brush I got specifically for swatching colors, so for that reason I love it, but it doesn't suit the style of lettering that I do. I did buy these individually, so I'd probably repurchase the small if I needed to or couldn't find the Aquash in small (which is hard to find at times). 

5:38 - Tomoe River Paper // This paper came recommended for dip pen lettering! It is very smooth, but was a bit of a learning curve for me as I'm used to a more textured paper for this type of lettering. However, it's amazing for brush lettering and the more I use it with my dip pen, the more I am liking it. The downside is how delicate it is. As you can see in the video, just a quick pull on it crinkles the paper, almost like tissue paper. This is a beautiful paper, but just be very gentle with it! 

5:51 - Calligraphy Pen (Marbled Straight Holder, Cork Holder, Paint Your Own Holder) // These are an experiment! I've mentioned that one of my goals is to practice more dip pen lettering. I'm trying to figure out which pens are the easiest for me. So far, the cork straight holder is one of my favorites. This is honestly just a personal preference. One thing that I plan to try next is a larger holder which will help me to loosen up how tight I hold my pen. 

6:00 - Higgins Eternal Black Ink // Again, these are a bit of an experiment but so far I am really liking how this ink writes! I have tried walnut inks (which are many people's favorites) and while they write nicely, I really prefer a dark black ink. 

And that is it for today! Let me know if you have any questions! 



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