How to Handletter: a lettering resource created just for you!

Hi Friend! 

You made it! As some of you know, this little website has been my labor of love as I have been working hard to make it the very best it can be. Think of it like your one-stop-shop for all things handlettering. My official goal is to make it provide all of the resources you need to learn handlettering, all in one place! 

And I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share it with you! But first, I want to give you a little bit of a background, share with you the story of how How to Handletter come to be, tell you what you can expect and give you some tips to finding your way around this sweet little online home of ours. 

First of all, I'm Susy and I teach handlettering online for free! 

You can find me teaching here: youtube channel | instagram | facebook group 

My Story

I've been lettering for over 10 years, much of that time without realizing it (because handlettering wasn't really a "thing" 10 years ago!). But regardless, lettering has always been a passion of mine. (And yes, I was totally that girl who erased her homework over and over until the writing looked perfect. I suppose that's why I was never very efficient at getting homework done.)

Eventually, this passion for lettering turned into more than a hobby. I started creating art using my skills and opened an online shop for hand lettered goods! It was a great venture, but the tasks that took up most of my time were things like packaging orders, updating listings and keeping on top of things like SEO and marketing... and I procrastinated on doing them as much as possible.

However, when people would ask questions about lettering, I would drop all of the stuff on my "to do list" and spend as much time as it took helping them understand how to recreate exactly what I was doing. And the feedback was great! People were so happy and I felt so much joy in seeing others be able to do something that they didn't know how to before! In hindsight, that was probably a good sign that being a teacher was more for me, but it took me a little too long to figure that out. I continued packaging orders as fast as I could, so I could move on to the creating and the sharing with what little time I had left, because I knew that I loved lettering enough to make it work. And I truly felt like I was called to share it with others! 

That was when a long-distance friend of mine decided to start learning handlettering. And instead of working on art for my shop, I instead spent days making lettering practice sheets and trying to help her understand how to use procreate. It wasn't long after that a lightbulb went off: I realized that teaching others lettering is EXACTLY what I should be doing with my lettering.

I've been an avid Youtube Watcher for years, so I decided the best thing to do would be to make a few video tutorials for her. It was easier to show her rather than try to explain through text, and I figured that I'd post them to Youtube to see if they were helpful to anyone else. If not, no problem, because my goal was just to help my friend!

I did my best, and very timidly posted my first few tutorials to Youtube, wondering if anyone would even watch them. And to my (very pleasant) surprise, you guys showed up! And kept showing up! And all of a sudden here we are at 33,000+ subscribers and OVER 1 MILLION video views! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. And you want more! So this little website-baby of mine is my next step in teaching you more! 

And before I wrap it up, I just want to quickly share with you what you can expect here! 

What To Expect at

First: All you need to learn handlettering. All in one place. (and easy to find!)
When creating this website, I really wanted to create something simple that was easy to navigate, didn't have unnecessary clutter, but also very intentionally had all of the resources you need to learn handlettering. So, when you first enter, you will come straight to a navigation page where you can easily choose what you're looking for, without having to sift through pages of posts. Some of the links you'll find here are for lettering practice sheets, the youtube channel, the blog and more! So if you ever can't find what you were looking for, just remember and you'll have all you need! Click here to navigate. 

Second: The blog. 
The blog is where I will share with you in-depth handlettering tutorials. There will sometimes be blog posts that piggyback off of Youtube Videos and other times they will be completely separate. I'll also be sharing lettering inspiration and other creative ways to use your lettering. Go to the blog by clicking here. 

Third: Pen Reviews
A huge thing that I searched for when I began brush lettering was resources! I couldn't find anything. There were people sharing about a pen or two, but they just showed examples of their work using them. As a self-proclaimed overthinker (although I think a "researcher" sounds better;)), I wanted to know things like, "Was this easy to use as a beginner? How will these hold up? How do they compare to x,y,z?" etc. So in the Product Reviews section, you'll find great information that particularly relates to handlettering with these products. They are categorized by size (large & small brush pens), but I will forever be adding to this section as my pen addiction continues. What you can expect to see next: Beginner Lettering Supplies, All About Watercolor Lettering, Paper for Lettering and My Favorite Lettering Supplies. Click here to go to the Reviews Page. 

Fourth: All About Creative Lettering
When I use the term "Creative Lettering", I mean less of lettering drills and letter formation and more of the art that you create with your handlettering! Some ways that I do this is through Bullet Journaling, Scripture Lettering, and creating art.. I occasionally post videos on Youtube with ideas for creative lettering (often times in my Bullet Journal) and I love to turn these into free printables for you! The creative lettering section will be home to ideas of ways to use your lettering, example pages in my Bullet Journal and free design printables! (Coming soon!)

Fifth: Join the Tribe! 
You can join the tribe to be the first to know about new products, sales & exciting things happening over here at How to Handletter. I promise not to send spammy emails and will do my best to keep this minimal, to the point, and full of great things that you don't want to miss! (Coming soon!)

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your handlettering journey! Happy Lettering!